OKR Tools

Here you will find a set of free OKR tools: tips, templates, and resources. They will help you through the different stages of your OKR journey. From getting started with OKR and day-to-day OKR resources to learning beyond the basics.

Getting Started with OKR

OKR Tools: The Beginner's Guide to OKR

The Beginner’s Guide to OKR

The guide will provide you with the information you need to avoid the most common mistakes and successfully adopt OKR.

OKR and Agile

OKR Tools: Stop Waterfall Goals

Stop Waterfall Goals

Learn how to use OKR to Focus on Value Instead of Features.

OKR Tools: Agile 2017 Slide Deck

Slide Deck: Agile 2017

Download the slide deck from Felipe Castro’s talk at Agile 2017.


OKR Forum Amsterdam 2018

Download the slide deck from Felipe Castro’s talk at OKR Forum Amsterdam 2018.

OKR Resources

OKR Tools: OKR Tracking Template

Tracking Template

Easily Track your OKRs with this Free Spreadsheet.

OKR Tools: OKR Cheat Sheet

OKR Cheat Sheet

All the tips you need when creating your OKRs in a single page

OKR Tools: OKR 360º Alignment Template

Ensure Alignment

Create alignment between teams with this effective template

Beyond the Basics

OKR Tools: Leveraging OKR

Leveraging OKR

Learn how you can leverage OKR in a non-Silicon Valley company.

OKR Tools: Stop using waterfall goals

Product DNA Slide Deck

Download the slide deck from my keynote at Target’s Product DNA conference.

OKR For Agile Teams

Download the slides were shown on a Webinar about goals for agile teams.

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