Culture Mapping

The first step to improve your company’s culture is to understand the existing culture, where the organization would like to develop it and the factors that could enable or block this transformation.

The Culture Map is a tool developed for organizations that want to proactively design and improve their cultures, thereby increasing performance.

The Culture Map is structured as a canvas, and works by identifying 3 cultural dimensions:

  • Organizational Behaviors:  Identify patterns of actions and behaviors in the organization. How does the team communicates and interacts? What is expected and what is considered “acceptable”?.
  • Outcomes: What are the consequences, both positive and negative, of the mapped behaviors? How are the behaviors impacting the business and it’s customers?
  • Enablers & Blockers: What factors are influencing the employees behavior? What is blocking it to improve? What is enabling it? What processes, policies, rules and systems are blocking the culture?

The Culture Map helps identify the existing (as is) culture and the desired and state (to be culture).

By using the Culture map in a executive team session facilitated by Lean Performance, organizations can clearly map their current and desired culture.