Webinar Recording: OKR for a New Normal


Many people are struggling with using OKR during the crazy times we live in, so I have teamed up with Betterworks for a webinar on June 25th to answer the most common questions. During the talk, I have shared actionable tips and techniques for using OKR during and after the pandemic. I want to thank Betterworks for inviting me for the webinar and Dustin Clinard for hosting it.

You can see the webinar recording and the slide deck below.

Disclaimer: This webinar does not represent an endorsement of Betterworks software or training services, as I am not involved in developing them. I have done co-marketing activities with different software vendors in the past and will continue to do so.  

Here is the webinar recording, it’s a 30-minute talk + Q&A.

And here is the slide deck: