Modern Agile and OKR to Transcend Feature Factory Mindset

InfoQ: Transcend the “Feature Factory” Mindset Using Modern Agile and OKR

InfoQ published my latest article with Alexandre Freire on OKR and Modern Agile.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using Agile development with waterfall goals turns teams into “feature factories” with no focus on delivering value.
  • Teams can Deliver Value Continuously by using Value-based OKRs.
  • Companies can Experiment & Learn Rapidly by focusing on outcomes and evidence rather than personal opinions.
  • To enable autonomy and Make People Awesome, the purpose of the teams has to change from “delivering the features” to “achieving the Value-based OKRs.”
  • Companies can Make Safety a Prerequisite by creating a psychologically safe environment and shortening their validation cycles drastically, using the OKR cycle as the ultimate timebox.

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