How to Avoid OKR Fake News – Keynote at the OKR Forum Amsterdam 2019


OKR is the new black. Interest is growing fast, and Google searches are up 300 percent in the past two years. Every hot startup seems to be using OKR, and so are many corporations. It feels like companies need four things to be cool today: Post-it Notes, beanbag chairs, “squads,” and OKR.

But this popularity has a dark side. Lots of people are trying to jump on the OKR bandwagon, and every week we have more OKR consultants, more OKR tools, and more OKR-related “content.” Unfortunately, most of that content is simply fake news written by people with no relevant experience or by consultants who should know better. The majority of the OKR examples you will find online—and in some books as well—is deeply flawed. Instead of educating people, they end up propagating the same mistakes over and over.

I had the opportunity to talk about this topic during my keynote for the second edition of the OKR Forum Amsterdam, and you can see the video and the slides of my talk below.

I want to thank Computer Futures for organizing such a fantastic event and Melanie Wessels for hosting it.

You can see my slide deck below: