“Measuring what matters: Putting OKR into practice”: FREE Webinar

Many of you have read John Doerr’s Measure What Matters and decided to adopt OKR. But how can you implement OKR at your organization? How can you make OKR work?

As I wrote in my book review, while Measure What Matters does a fantastic job of presenting the philosophy behind OKR, it has flaws when it comes to translating theory into practice.

That is why I have partnered with 7Geese, a leading OKR software vendor, to deliver a deliver a free webinar on November 20th titled “Measuring what matters: Putting OKR into practice.”

If you are unable to attend live, still register. We’ll send you the on-demand recording.

In this webinar, I will be joined by Elizabeth Stewart, 7Geese’s Head of Professional Services, and we will teach you how to make OKRs work in real life based on dozens of implementations around the world.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • The most common mistakes with OKR
  • The OKR cycle:
    • Separating Key Results from activities
    • Creating alignment with shared OKRs
    • Avoiding the “set it and forget it mindset” with weekly OKR check-in’s
  • Examples of good and bad OKRs
  • Is OKR for everyone?
  • How to implement OKR effectively.

We will do a short presentation and then will then take questions from the audience.

Date: Tuesday 20th November 2018

Time: 8am – 9am PST | 11am – 12pm EST

Save your seat! Register here.

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