SMART is a Spell-checker for Goals. OKR is How you Keep Score.

SMART goals may help ensure that you correctly phrase your goal, but they won’t help you set goals that matter.

To Create Better Company OKRs, Follow Jeff Bezos’ Advice

To create good OKRs for your company, follow the advice of Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder.

Improving your OKRs with the OKR Retrospective

Retrospectives are a great technique that you can use to improve your OKR practice.

Do You Have Goals or New Year’s Resolutions?

If you treat your OKRs as New Year resolutions, you will fail. OKRs cannot be something that you “set and forget.”

Tips from an ex-Googler: Aligning Teams with Shared OKRs

Shared OKRs are a crucial technique to create alignment among different teams. Ex-Googler Marcelo Quintella explains how they work and why they matter.

Should you use individual OKRs?

Individual OKRs are not for everyone. Sometimes they add complexity without adding value. Learn when to use them and when to look for alternatives.

In OKR, one size does not fit all

Companies should approach OKR as a set of customizable building blocks they can leverage to transform their goal setting process.

How to find the right OKR cadence

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Deciding on the right OKR cadence can be a major challenge. In this interview to Perdoo’s blog, I answered a few questions about how to choose the best cadence for your company.