Effective OKRs: Focusing on Outcomes and Finding Flow


In this talk, Felipe Castro and Mik Kersten, Founder and CEO of Tasktop, discuss how organizations can use OKR and Flow Metrics to help them focus on outcomes.

We need to respectfully unlearn the Agile Manifesto


In this talk recorded for Agile Munich and Newbury Agile Group, Felipe Castro explains why we need to respectfully unlearn the Agile Manifesto and move from features to outcomes with OKR.

Webinar Recording: OKR for a New Normal

Many people are struggling with using OKR during the crazy times we live in, so I have teamed up with Betterworks for a webinar to answer the most common questions. In this webinar recording, you will learn actionable tips and techniques for using OKR during and after the pandemic.

How OKR Helped Gmail Reach 1 Billion Users: an Interview with Itamar Gilad

Learn more about Google’s approach to OKRs in this interview with Itamar Gilad, former Lead Product Manager and Head of Growth at Gmail.

From Outputs to Business Outcomes with OKR: The Elsevier Journey

Can a 140-year-old organization adopt OKR and outcome-based planning? Can they do it on their main product, a billion-dollar business? This talk at Business Agility Conference shares the inside view of Elsevier’s journey, including lessons learned and the difficulties and challenges faced.

Setting OKRs Remotely

Learn how to set OKRs with remote teams in this guest post from Ian Harvey, Senior Portfolio Director at Elsevier.

How to Use OKR During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Many people have asked me for advice on how to use OKR during the crazy times we are living, so I decided to write this article to answer the most common questions on how to use OKR during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to Avoid OKR Fake News – Keynote at the OKR Forum Amsterdam 2019

OKR is cool now. But with this popularity comes a lot of “fake news” and bad advice written by people with no relevant experience. To learn how to avoid OKR fake news, watch Felipe Castro’s keynote at the OKR Forum Amsterdam.

How Can you Test Business Ideas? Interview with David J. Bland

Unless employees learn how to use experiments, they will waste a lot of time and money going in the wrong direction. In this interview, David J. Bland talks about this new book and how can you succeed with experiments.

Shared OKRs: The “Secret” Weapon to Breaking Down Silos

There is a “secret” weapon that can destroy silos and help teams address interdependencies: shared OKRs. Sharing is a crucial concept, but few organizations use it well. This post wants to change that.